Monday, September 14, 2009

My Thoughts on Kanye's newest antics

Alright, so the Internet is buzzing about the Kanye West up-stage act, during the MTV video choice awards...? (Is that name right? I'm really not sure...). Anyways that's part of my point. I quit watching that sh*t in like 4 years; plus football was on. N E Wayz, I haven't even watched the infamous video, but I can imagine what antics Ye pulls out. Since it's happened before, I can just source to the earlier VMA incident a few years ago. Keep in mind this is when Kanye vowed to boycott MTV all together! If you were like me at that point, you exclaimed 'F*ck Yea! MTV aint playin videos anymore anyways. You dont need em Kanye!'. That alone lets you know how sad it is that he's once again ranting at something he rightfully called set-up years ago. The answer to that is simple, PUBLICITY! As much as people hate to admit it, just having this polar discussion growing before our eyes all over social media let's you know how smart Kanye is.

Before the Ye haters jump down my throat, I'm not saying this was the right move by any means. Taylor Swift isn't in the same stratosphere as Beyonce yet, and on top of that, they're in completely different genres. BUT, factor in how fast this negative attention will turn into positive sales for Swift, and this actually might be a win-win. As much as Ye wanted it to seem like it was about B, it was all about him in the end. I feel like Mr. West might be feeling the affects of father time. As a new generation of musicians/tastemakers come to the forefront, he has to reach for ways to stay relevant. His big brother Jay-z might be feeling that too, but at least he puts it on a track and moves on... So I don't think there needs to be some huge battle between Pro-Ye and Anti-Ye camps. Just remember, dudes in the business of entertainment, and it seems to be working...

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p e k o s ROB aka Pac-Man said...

people will hate on Kanye for a few days/weeks and then they will all be in the club singing the hook to whatever song he puts out. the public is stupid and fickle - they also have selective memory.