Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quarters 2nd Batch Tracklisting & Breakdown

So the new batch of Quarters is up for download, and I figured I'd start putting some supplemental info on how each beat comes about. Lately I've really been working on simplfying my process when making beats. I spent years trying to create a certain type of beat instead of just riding with what feels good in the moment. This batch was made over the last few months and just about completely in the box. I didnt use any outside musicians or sources, just the good ole Reason and the PC.
All feedback and questions welcome!

1. MarchSnow-As the name kinda indicates, I made this one during that weird snowfall we got in mid-march. Empty, isolated, what it feels like when youre snowed in...or just inside making beats while it snows..

2. Warm-started as an individual idea, but once I noticed it worked well alongside the first track, I just said why not. As the snow melts you can feel the sun beam down to make way to new ideas and growth.

3. Growth-the final track to this nature inspired threesome. Also made at some point after march. The syncopated synths give the feel of viewing vegitation sprout from barren land in fast forward.

4. And Now...-Beats!haha! I hope folks hung in through the first 3 tracks. This one is just an elegant banger for a rapper or a sanger..

5. P-cut This one started with the dope parliment sample. I've been sampling in Reason for a while but this is the first beat I didnt synch in time or put on the grid. I just played it out, layed drums and let it be.

6. Drop it-A laid back banger, plain and simple. Gives way to another groove on the backend.

7. Classic- Beat came about organically at first. After having the "Something is Wrong" sample cut up for another beat, i noticed it could add some personality. Felt good so I ran with it.

8. Early Night-As I experiment with some edgier drums and production, I find myself making more stuff along these lines. One melodic line away from mayhem.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Camera!

I did a lil splurging and picked up a new digital camera yesterday. I went with the Nikon CoolPix L110. Its a step above some point and shoot cameras, but nowhere near the complexity of the DSLRs  I never was a huge photography guy, but with all the gigs and traveling I'll be doing this summer I figured this is a good time to get one. I'll purty much be using it to document my everday life while at the same time finding ways to bend reality visually through photo. Stay tuned for new pics!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday: New beat from Quarters!

Wudup yall
Hope your Monday is going well so far. I'm sure most of yall watched the Oscars last night.  I realized my fav part of the big night is the winners in obscure catagories.  Those peeps work just as hard as the stars and its good to see them get their due, and share their stories at the podium. Big ups to Hurt Locker, Up, and Monique for their wins...

March Madness is still in effect, and as promised here's some new material from your lanky beatmaking buddy. I'm gearing up for the 2nd batch of Quarters on the year, and here's one beat jocking for a spot:

And Now....

You can still download the first batch of Quarters from this year. As well as Cicero Mode 2.0


Monday, March 1, 2010

What up, its March!!

What up,
So it's March 1st; and as much as I hate to see Black History Month go, I'm pretty amped about the next 4 weeks. March is the month for college basketball, spring breaks and hopefully some warm weather. I'll be releasing a grip of new material this month, starting today with an unrealesed song produced by Rupert the Duke with MC Gabe Hezekiah and yours truly.

Download: For My Fam

Remember Cicero Mode is still available for Download......stay tuned.
Oh yea, and I think I'm riding with Syracuse right now in the Tourney.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Pat Pro Video: Resolve

Here's our new video for the song Resolve. This is a beat I started on over two years ago. It's so minmal and serene, I always figured it would work better as a movie score than a song. As time went on, we were able to develop a story around the instrumental. We had a blast making the vid, and want to thank our cast and production crew:

Amir Homayounkhah, Adrienne Stein, David Gray, Alan Kasper, Nora Schreiber, Cory Howard & Fam,Currents Resaurant and all our extras!

Let us know what you think

Monday, January 25, 2010

All new Quarters! Download here

Download: Quarters
Heres my newest batch of Instrumentals, Quarters. Back in the day, Quarters were crucial to a gamer like me. Each one represented another chance to play any of the games in the arcade. I kinda see beats that way these days. They're important to the game, but are really just the creative starting point to a great song. Some are shiny, some are grimy, but each one has potential to get you that new high score.
So here they are.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New beat from 'Quarters'

Here's one of the tracks from the instrumental project "Quarters" coming next week.

Download: Hello

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Thoughts: Tommy Tubberville hired as Texas Tech coach

As I sit here and watch Tommy Tubberville on ESPN first take, I decided to go ahead and share my thoughts on the new Texas Tech Coach. Of course my last post was on the saga that has been Mike Leach. Since then, our team pulled together to reject the media pressure and win the Alamo Bowl. I won't lie, I was hoping after that performance we would see Ruffin get the head coaching job. I knew it was too good to be true, as Tech decided to go with a more CEO coach than a player's coach. Overall, I think Tubbs is a good look. He brings in experience from the hardest conference in the nation: the SEC (sorry Big 12 brethren..). I said before the Leach firing that Leach's ability to master the spread in the Big 12 lead to many copycats in the conference. The result is a offense driven conference that gets stomped by the SEC in bowl games. Tubbs already stated we wants to take us to the next level, and I think defense and a solid running game are the ways to do it. Don't get me wrong, I've loved the high-scoring yard-munching offense we've had over the years, but I'm ready to hit somebody in the mouth! I hope Tubbervile can find a place for Ruffin on his staff, as he will be able to retain some of the big name defensive recruits he's been chasing. The other good thing Tubberville said in his press conference was he wants to get the fanbase back on the same page as the program. I think this is very important, especially with the polarity of the Leach situation. I would like to take that a little further and say the fans can still dictate the image of this program. One thing I loved about the Leach era was his the desire to dethrone the big boys with wreckless abandon (pun inteded). I think we need to have that same desire moving forward. If we can stay just as rowdy, our homefield advantage will double with a great defense. So I'm down to ride with Tubberville, but its still up to Raider Nation to let everyone know we're still hungry for success at the highest level.

Music Monday: Slum Village-Dope Man

First Single off "Villa Manifesto" released in December.  Stop by the Slum Village website for more info on the EP.