Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Baaaaaccckk, Step inside my Bubble...

Whats up people. I know the title of this is "I'm Back", but I really never went anywhere. Truthfully I just been letting my blog game slip over the past few months. I mean, ya boy stays purty active on Twitter & Facebook, as well as contributing to Infotainment Empire, but I really let my own diary fall by the wayside. Honestly I don't like people all up in my personal bubble, but I've decided to re-commit myself to the blog as therapy and as a sort of checklist of my daily progress. On a serious note, this has been THE HARDEST summer of my life. My father passed away on May 25th, and I've really had to fall back and put things in perspective. I was always the kind of dude to put family first, and never really let many other people inside my heart besides blood. This is part of what made losing the cornerstone of that tough. Luckily I was able to turn to God, my loving Mother, and older brother to get me through the hardest time. My Dad was an unbeliveably driven person, and I always felt like that was one of the numerous traits he passed on to me. It seemed like only a few days after his passing I could hear him telling me to keep moving forward and not give up. I'm so thankful that I was able to share my aspirations and some success with my father before he passed.

This entertainment business is brutal, especially when you have to be the one to make people smile/laugh/dance when it's so hard for you to do it yourself. I've come to realize that it's the burden you bear in this game. In a nutshell I'm a person who belives in pursuing your dreams and doing something you're passionate about. I feel like if you're doing that, you're inspiring and helping others to do the same for themselves. The reality of it is, Waaaaayyy too many people lose sight on those things because of money, circumstance, or just plain fear. By no means do I condem these folks, I just hope that I can provide an escape or give them something to relate to through my music. So last night I found myself back on my knees (for the first time in a while regretably) asking God to give me strength to pursue my dreams and inspire others along the way. I have no idea how my prayers will be answered, but I know If i give up now, I never will. So I say all that to say this, we all go through rough points in life, nobody is exempt, I think the trick is never letting those things become a reason to give up or give in. These are the very moments that define each of us. How will you react?

Alright now get out of my bubble, and go make your dreams happen!

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