Monday, September 28, 2009

My thoughts: Mike Leach Bans Twitter

So it was a crazy weekend to be a Red Raider. We witnessed our team take its 2nd loss on national T.V, in a row! If that wasn't enough bad media, Sunday we find out that our OL and team captain Brandon Carter Violated teams rules and is suspended indefinitely.
The story reveals that Carter made some questionable posts on his twitter page following the game. It's not fully known if this is the sole reason for his suspension, but today news leaks that Mike Leach has Banned Twitter for the Texas Tech Football team

This is really an interesting twist in this social media problem, I just hate my team was the first college to have to deal with it. Honestly we lost both our games fair and square, and I don't understand why players would feel the need to let anyone outside the locker room in on their close emotional feelings. Being an avid twitter user myself, I understand its importance for branding and promotion, but these guys are TEXAS TECH football players. They don't need to build their own brands, they signed their scholarships to be part of the Athletic Department. I find it hard to believe that Carter didn't think some media cockroach would be scouring pages for any stories they could find. In fact, we've already seen the fallouts in the NFL and NBA.

We all know Carter enjoys the limelight, but I think the time to shine is on the field, not from your computer. Leave that to the nonathletic, undersized, undergrads and bloggers like me... Carter is a beast and much needed leader, but if Leach feels he crossed the line, I agree.
Now lets shut up and get ready for New Mexico and BIG 12 Play!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tech vs UT

So the game is Here again! I'm headed down to Austin tomorrow for the Tech vs UT festivities, we should have some good footage upon return too! I was gonna do a long post on the game, but the fellas at DoubleTNation got that covered.
Check out 5 reason Texas Tech will Win:

Guns Up!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Run Review: Kid Cudi-Man on the Moon

Aight, so Cudi finally dropped his debut album today, I made sure to get this one in. Off top the packaging for the deluxe edition is purty dope. I'm expecting quite a bit from this record, and we'll see what happens. Remeber 5 is my highest score...

1. In my Dream
First track starts with a haunting percussive sequence as Kid Cudi comes in singing "I dont worry bout anything. You're in my dreams". Nice strings off top. Seems to drag on a bit though....until Common comes in with a nice narrative.
Score: 4
2. Soundtrack 2 my Life
Nice electronic drums and sharp handclaps get your head bobbin quick immediately. Cudi spit an introspective verse about his youth filled with emotions. Very big hook. 2nd v Cudi continues his melodic story. Interesting breakdown with reverse guitars
Score: 3.5
3. Simple As
"ABC" loops throughout with Cudi spittin a familiar melody on his verses. Common appears again to add to the story.
Score 3
4. Solo Dolo
A Haunting string pizzicato introduces this interesting track. I heard this earlier, but added string score is a nice touch. Cudi asks "Why must it feel so wrong, when I'm tryin to do right?"
If this is supposed to be a nightmare, I think it accomplishes it s goal.
Score 4
5. Heart of a Lion
Another I heard a live version of. Very nice drums as the song opens up to another Larger than Life hook from Cudder, before dropping back to simplicity. His verses are serving as extra instrumentation at this point, laced with introspective and inspirational sayings.
Score: 4.5
6. My World
A smooth piano and electric guitar start this slow banger. Cudi speaks on his past angst towards being overlooked. Another string laced hook, adding another dimension to the songs story.
Score 3
7. Day n Nite
Of course we all know this one. Really doesn't hold up to some of the other tracks, might just be cuz I've heard it so much.
Score 3.5
8. Sky might Fall
Another one I heard early from the Transformers campaign. Still a solid song. At this point you realize this is much more than a Rap album, either you embrace it or get tired of it. Really just depends on how much of this you personally like.
Score 3
9. Enter Galactic
Cudi picks the tempo up on this one and croons to the ladies. Decent production, feels kinda like an old Jamiroquai song, with a Daft Punk breakdown. A lil more Common
Score 2.75
10. Alive
Enough fun, as we're taken into another dark track courtesy of Ratatat. I like this beat , plus tha reverse guitar effect Ratatat is known for doesn't hurt. More of the same from cudi, mostly sang until the final verse, which is subpar. Overall I'm down tho...
11. Cudi Zone
This spacey beat serves as a plate for a quick Cudi flow bout his accomplishments. This serves as contrast to the high pitched hook. Nothing too new, coulda taken Dose of Dopeness here instead (haha!)
Score: 2.5
12. Make Her Say
Easily the most out of place track of the album. Gotta get those features in tho...
Score 3
13. Pursuit of Happyness
Electric guitar leads into a simplistic chord laden track. MGMT makes their apperance on the hook. A slow but smooth one.
Score 3
14. Hyyerr
Smooth was an understatement as this banger opens up with a nice southern drums and warm strings. Ohio native Chip the Ripper adds his vocals to this one. Cudi brings a nice verse here for the folks hatin on his flows. This ones for the cheifers out there.
Score 4
15. Up Up and Away
Acoustic guitar drives this upbeat song. Cudi talks about staying focused on his goals. Right when it seemed things were happy, Common comes back to end things with the hint of a sequel....
Score 3.3

Overall, this lived up to my expectations. I doubt any other album in the "hip-hop" genre will sound close to this in 09. Most of these songs lean on melodies and epic hooks that no rapper can provide consistently. By no means has Cudi mastered the art of flow or singing, but I think he does whats needed to make memorable songs. Production value is high, but replay value will be low for the general audience(no club bangers here). This is a solid debut that sets Kid Cudi appart from any one genre, now lets hope the masses can handle the moon man too.

Production 4.5
Concepts: 4

Overall: 4

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Thoughts on Kanye's newest antics

Alright, so the Internet is buzzing about the Kanye West up-stage act, during the MTV video choice awards...? (Is that name right? I'm really not sure...). Anyways that's part of my point. I quit watching that sh*t in like 4 years; plus football was on. N E Wayz, I haven't even watched the infamous video, but I can imagine what antics Ye pulls out. Since it's happened before, I can just source to the earlier VMA incident a few years ago. Keep in mind this is when Kanye vowed to boycott MTV all together! If you were like me at that point, you exclaimed 'F*ck Yea! MTV aint playin videos anymore anyways. You dont need em Kanye!'. That alone lets you know how sad it is that he's once again ranting at something he rightfully called set-up years ago. The answer to that is simple, PUBLICITY! As much as people hate to admit it, just having this polar discussion growing before our eyes all over social media let's you know how smart Kanye is.

Before the Ye haters jump down my throat, I'm not saying this was the right move by any means. Taylor Swift isn't in the same stratosphere as Beyonce yet, and on top of that, they're in completely different genres. BUT, factor in how fast this negative attention will turn into positive sales for Swift, and this actually might be a win-win. As much as Ye wanted it to seem like it was about B, it was all about him in the end. I feel like Mr. West might be feeling the affects of father time. As a new generation of musicians/tastemakers come to the forefront, he has to reach for ways to stay relevant. His big brother Jay-z might be feeling that too, but at least he puts it on a track and moves on... So I don't think there needs to be some huge battle between Pro-Ye and Anti-Ye camps. Just remember, dudes in the business of entertainment, and it seems to be working...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Infotainers Podcast vid

So me and my homie Rob from Infotainment Empire did our first podcast of the season last night. We also upped the ante with a live Ustream of it. We talk about our specific fantasy league, and some of the big games for NFL opening week. It was my first time using Ustream but I kinda like it so far. Stay tuned to my channel and Twitter for times of the next stream.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Run Review: Jay-z Blueprint 3

So here's what I thought of BP3, track by track. Reviews are brief, and I'll let ya know if something grows on me. Highest score of course is a 5.
1. What we talkin about
Epic synths start the album off as Jay-z flows about his past and present problems. Hook is questionable to me, too anti-climactic.
Score :3.5
2. Thank You
Nice bass groove smooth trumpet samples. Jay is Jay. Bassline steals the show for me
Score: 2.5

3. D.O.A
Of course already heard this, production value is through the roof.
Score: 4
4. Run this town
Yea, yea. Epic anthem that builds up to the Ye verse (not as ill lyrically as some say)
Score: 3.75

5. Empire State of Mind
Quirky drum beat. Alicia come through with a powerful hook, you can almost feel the giant NY skyscrappers as she blows. Big ups on the Texas shout out! Alicia > Jigga on this one.
Score: 4

6. Real as it Gets
Was like, whos this n*gga talkin on tha intro? Oh.... its Jeezy. Sounds like a different mix than usual on Jeezys voice, and whats up wit tha naughty by nature shit on tha hook? Production-wise its another epic beat, filled with live strings, smooth guitar, and groovy bassline.
Score: 4

7. On to the Next One
Damn I love some Swizzy! Vocal sample with straightforward drums. I coulda done with a little more bass and a faster tempo. Jay-z lyrics didnt really grab me on this minimal beat. A lil dissapointed in Swizz here.
Score: 2.75

8. Off That
Timbo tha king! Intro is a damn fool. I'm feelin J's rhyme scheme on V1. Drizzy, not so much. Obama lines gettin a little redundant, we all saw the election Jigga. Just good to hear the new stuff timbalands got in the stable for 2010, he's bout to own....again.
Score: 4

9. Star is Born
Jay-z reflects over the players in the game from back when he started. Of course he shouts the two illest lyrcist IMO (Andre 3000, and Nas). Track hinges on piano line.
Score: 3.5

10. Venus vs Mars
Takes just a sec to know Timbo's back for another one. This time he brings some darker production. Sexy hook with a nice bridge
Score: 3

11. Already Home
Kid Cudi comes in with his signature melodic style on hook. Not his best work, I'm expecting that next week with Man on the Moon. Violin sample dominates along with strong 808. Chord progression is a little wierd, takes some getting used to. Jigga bragadocio as usual. "Do you already/ enough with the complaining Boo Hoo already" might be my fav line so far.
Score: 3.5

12. Hate
Jay and Ye trade battle lines accompained by vocal (autotune?) line. Slow deliberate beat
Score: 3.2

13. Reminder
Your head automatically falls into the bounce Timbo provides. K Briscoe takes a stab at a sub-par hook. Jay's lyrics steal the show.
Score: 3.7

14. So Ambitous
Pharrel familiar falsetto sets up this minimal beat. The drum fill is nicely aided by spanish horn stabs. My fav subject matter on this one.
Score: 3.2

15. Forever Young ft Mr Hudson
Slow synth chords serve as the prelude to the finale. Mr Hudson recognizable voice handles the chorus as Jay relaxesthe listener with a laid back flow. Feels like a tears for fears song to me. Track ends abruptly to my surprise....Too bad
Score: 3.4

Well the album definately has high production value, but what do you expect for the man at this point? Although theres some interesting attempts here, I never really felt like Jay was out of his comfort zone, making for a uniform sound lyrically from him. I think Timbo has the best contributions to the album,. I can't help but wish Jay would go back to the American Gangster formula, using his enormous pull and resources to make concept albums. That way he doesnt have to try and stay relevant, but only paint a picture for the listener to explore. Well that's not BP3, so I guess ill keep waiting.

Production: 4.5
Concept: 2
Lyrics: 3.75
Overall 3.5

How was your wknd?

So Labor day is over and everybodys back to the grizzy. Due to a double up of weddings, I stayed in Tyler this wknd, but kicked things off with the back to school bash up at Where's Rufus Friday Night. I had to go out and support some local music, because honestly, around here it doesn't get the credit it deserves. I Dj at Where's Rufus quite a bit, and they embrace the diverse crowds here in Tyler more than any other venue. One of my high school classmates and rapper Fula performed with the band The Rad. The event was put on by Yodie Promotions. Here's some random pics from when the brewskis began to take hold...
fula wreckin..... + Anayo of Yodie Promotions

Picther...say Cheeese! + Cougar Alert

We were in the house doing some video work, stayed tuned for footage.
The Show turned out great, it was the first night Where's Rufus did 18 and up.
Here's hoping they keep that and the good music comming!

Like I said Sat and Sun. I Djed some weddings untill really late. Monday was a relax day for the most part. Overall a purty chill labor day, what about yours?

I'm Baaaaaccckk, Step inside my Bubble...

Whats up people. I know the title of this is "I'm Back", but I really never went anywhere. Truthfully I just been letting my blog game slip over the past few months. I mean, ya boy stays purty active on Twitter & Facebook, as well as contributing to Infotainment Empire, but I really let my own diary fall by the wayside. Honestly I don't like people all up in my personal bubble, but I've decided to re-commit myself to the blog as therapy and as a sort of checklist of my daily progress. On a serious note, this has been THE HARDEST summer of my life. My father passed away on May 25th, and I've really had to fall back and put things in perspective. I was always the kind of dude to put family first, and never really let many other people inside my heart besides blood. This is part of what made losing the cornerstone of that tough. Luckily I was able to turn to God, my loving Mother, and older brother to get me through the hardest time. My Dad was an unbeliveably driven person, and I always felt like that was one of the numerous traits he passed on to me. It seemed like only a few days after his passing I could hear him telling me to keep moving forward and not give up. I'm so thankful that I was able to share my aspirations and some success with my father before he passed.

This entertainment business is brutal, especially when you have to be the one to make people smile/laugh/dance when it's so hard for you to do it yourself. I've come to realize that it's the burden you bear in this game. In a nutshell I'm a person who belives in pursuing your dreams and doing something you're passionate about. I feel like if you're doing that, you're inspiring and helping others to do the same for themselves. The reality of it is, Waaaaayyy too many people lose sight on those things because of money, circumstance, or just plain fear. By no means do I condem these folks, I just hope that I can provide an escape or give them something to relate to through my music. So last night I found myself back on my knees (for the first time in a while regretably) asking God to give me strength to pursue my dreams and inspire others along the way. I have no idea how my prayers will be answered, but I know If i give up now, I never will. So I say all that to say this, we all go through rough points in life, nobody is exempt, I think the trick is never letting those things become a reason to give up or give in. These are the very moments that define each of us. How will you react?

Alright now get out of my bubble, and go make your dreams happen!