Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cicero Mode out Now!!!!

Whats up everybody,
I haven't plastered this page with thoughtless self promotion too much yet.... So I figured its time for a little. Just wanted to let yall know about my new mixtape "Cicero Mode". I've got it up for free download. It has alot of unreleased music, and alot more of yours truly on the mic. Almost all the production is from Pat Pro, Thanks again to everyone that helped on the project!

Follow the link for a download and lemme know what you think!


Monday, October 13, 2008

S1, the Music Box, out now!!

Had to put yall up on S1's newest project, "Music Box".

S1 aka Symbolycone is purty close to my Hero...... he's a alternative hip hop producer from Waco,Texas. First read about him and his group Strange Fruit Project in a issue of URB magazine. Music Box is a great compilation with tons of features. My personal fav. is Jimmy Swag Art.

Heres a link to more info, and an album sampler:


Also, Check out S1's blog and myspace

Jammin that Johnson & Johnson


So its Monday, and I realized one Cd purty much dominated my deck all weekend, the new Johnson & Johnson:

This duo is Mainframe and one of the hottest up-and-coming MCs: BLU
Check out some of Blu's best work here:

This is BLU's third collabrative album in the last 6 or 7 months, and this one takes a more raw approach than his conceptual classic Below the Heavens. The album consists of mostly battleraps and breakbeats. It was acctually gonna b a mixtape before the Blu & Exile project, but ended up getting distribution after it's release. The raw, carefree feel of the tracks is prolly what had me jamming this all weekend. But the hiddem Gem is the melancholy Bounus track "Hold On".
N E Wayz my homeboy Xrae did a great review on the cd, as well as a full download link

Friday, October 10, 2008

While I'm Here

While Im here, I wanna remind yall The Foregin Exchange has a new album coming out: Leave it All Behind. Now for those that don't know... Foreign Exchange is Phonte (of Little Brother) and producer Nicolay, and a few years back that dropped one of my TOP 5 Albums of all time: CONNECTED.

Years later they've got a second one on the way. Just hit up their myspace, they got the entire album up for a listen: http://www.myspace.com/theforeignexchange

Back for more: The Music Slut

Whats up peeps,
I havent blogged in a bit, simply because I never seem to have time to do full reviews these days. Usually when Im online im in the studio, and I dont connect my music PC to the Internet (new producer tip!!). N E Wayz, I just glance over to my laptop and check out a few things occasionally, not enuff time for in-depth reviews.

So I've decided instead to just blog about what I'm listening too, and give you links to stuff im downloading. That way the real bloggers with hella time still get their props. Obviously Ill put a little Pat Pro news up, but I will mostly keep it to my exploits as a music slut (I'll F*ck with anything!)

So here's what I just finished downloading, the new mixtape from Detroit producer Black Milk. Best known for his work with slum village, BM has a new album on the way, and this should be a good refresher course on how he gets down.

NE Wayz the good folks at Okayplayer.com got you covered with the free download: