Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Life and Times of Tim

So check out this HBO animated show, The Life and Times of Tim, here's a lil bit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


New Open Labs Gear

So here's a rundown on the new gear for 2009 from Open Labs.
OpenLabs is based out of Austin, and they're making some groundbreaking products that combine your favorite Daws and Hardware.

Check this vid from their winter conference

This stuff makes me salivate, got to for more

Album to pick up: Tabi Bonney "Dope"

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
(Pat Pro with Tabi at TXSMC)

So as you can see a few years back I had the pleasure of meeting and chopping it up with D.C's Tabi Bonney. Dude's brought a complete different approach to the game, and now it's paying off. Check out Tabi's Myspace. Dope is his newest album, and I'm helping get the word out down south. Being born in West Africa, Tabi blends minnimal beats and percussive lyrics to make a style all his own. It's east coast hip-hop mixed with a reggae vibe.

Here's one of my fav. Tabi tracks, don't think its on dope tho...still hella smooth!.

Dope is available Now! for Download and Physical purchase
Read a review of Dope!

Fat Albert in tha Hood, this is a trip!

So here's an episode of my man Pikahsso's new show Fat Albert in the Hood.

As well as makin funny @ss spoof videos, Pikahsso makes some great music.
Pikahsso puts it down for DFW


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Erykah Badu Remixes

Check out these Remixes by my man DJ Big Texas

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dumont goes Soulja Boy in the X-Games

So I was watching the X-games tonight and this trick took the cake.
It's tha second guy in red, it looks even tighter in slo mo!

N.E.R.D Interview

Here's a N.E.R.D Interview with some young Martin Bashir lookin dude askin questions. The fellas talk about "Lapdance", Mustaches, and Pharells perfect day.

Haha! Tha mustache thing might be why I'm still rockin mine, I said I was gonna cut it after Christmas but I'm still sportin it. Now if I only made a video like lapdance to go with it. This vid is wild!

Bun B to realease new UGK album!

Bun B announced there will be a new UGK album released in March.
He hopes the final effort will help solidify the legacy of his partner Pimp C.
I'm all for this, the boys from Port Arthur have been a huge inspiration to me because of their longevity here in Texas. I think this final album will be a great reflection of that. Here's one track that might make the final cut, "Da Games been good to me"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Naledge on the Bird Walk Beat?

So here's Naledge from Kidz in the Hall with new verse to "Bird Walk".
I been jammin dude since the "School was My Hustle" album. Must admit he's gettin a little more commercial, but the UPenn grad can still put it down.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Performances

So most of the music performance footage was saved for HBO.
I know there's a few broke @sses out there like me that don't get that station so here's a Link to some Inaguration Performances of Jay-z, Beyonce, and Nas.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Panacea: The Re-Route

So I been jamming Panacea (K-murdock & Raw Poetic) since 06 when I picked up their Rawkus debut, Ink is my drink. "The Scenic Route" dropped in 07 and It quickly became one of my go-to albums for roadtrips and "country drives".
Although commercial success didnt come with it, many producers took notice to the great album. I just found out there's some remixes coming out entitled "The Re-Route", here's one jewel thanx to tha folks at okayplayer. Walk in the Park (Damu the Fudgemunk rmx)

stop by their Myspace for Info on the full album

Thelonious Therapy

I crawled out of bed this morning to a cold chill. I got prepped to head in for another day in the lab, another day to create something new. Although thatsusually exciting, I found myself weighed down by the burden of trying to be creative when things aren't always going 100%. Of course I don't have time to dissect these feelings, so i decided to listen to some Thelonious Monk. I always like his rigid and erratic style, here's a goood vid, and a better song, Round Bout Midnight.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts on Today.

Of course today is a big day in American History, as we watched Barack Obama be sworn in as the 44th President. Over the past few days I've heard a certain tone of "We Did It" coming from the media, and even regular citzens. Even when my father called and asked me what this day meant to me, it took me a while to unravel exactly what I thought about things.
Luckily theres a video that really touches on how I feel in the form of a quick concise Youtube post, Enjoy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review of "Notorious"

So yesterday I went to check out Notorious, the new movie that focuses on the life of the Brooklyn rapper Biggie Smalls. I listened to quite a bit of biggie coming up, his influence was nationwide by the time I was in middle school. His album Ready to Die dropped in 1994, alongside other classics like Nas' Illmatic, and Outkasts' debut. Biggie's delivery always came across to me as raw, effortless, yet very to the point. Just like Biggie's lyrics, the strong suit of this film is money, b*tches clothes, and luxury.

This flick isn't meant to be a deep character study of Christopher Wallace, as much as a stylized overview of what his life was about. Much like his music, it comes across as a smooth, attractive look into the world of Biggie Smalls.
The Casting is on point, of course starting with Jamal Woolard who potrays Big in the film. He seemed to almost embody the role, and there weren't any parts that looked forced or overplanned.
(Woolard pulled it off as "Biggie")

The few misses for me were acctually the big names,
Angela Basset as Big's mother, and Anthony Mackie. Although they're easily the most recgonizable names, they're performances seemd somewhat flat. I mean Angela Basset did a half @ss attempt at a Jamacian accent, I just wasnt feeling it.

I would like to feel on the chick that played Lil Kim, Nautri Naughton. Let's just say she did her own stunts in this one!! I also found out she's one of the original members of that group 3lw from back in tha day. Lil cease was hella young too, I mean he looks 12 tha entire movie!

The music of course was great, mixing classic bad boy records, with some of Jamal's own covers of songs. Being a studio rat, I wanted a little more on the production side of things. I mean they play the original "Juicy" sample, but they just never really explain more than that.

Overall I give tha movie an ehhhhh (3 out of 5). Like I said the movie looks and feels great, but its really nothing new . It is entertaining for those that followed his career, and hopefully for those that want to know more about Chris Wallace. I think its an admirable look at the life and tragic end to Biggie Smalls.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crabtree Declares for draft (finally found the vid!!)

I've been looking for this video for two days, and here it is.
Although he'll be missed at Tech, Michael Crabtree is headed to the Nfl!
Click above for the press conference from DMN.

Here's a recap vid of his final year reppin tha Double T,

Go head and make that dough! All of Radier Nation is behind ya Bro!

Coming out of Exile

Aight this post is about a producer I been jammin lately by the name of EXILE. Guys got great beats,arguably a classic album in Below the Heavens with BLU,
but is still about live performance.
Dude is nice on the MPC, check out this live version of Lil Wayne's A Mili...

Exile "Milli" Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

Here's a beat he did for Akon and my guilty pleasure artist of late, Kardinal Offical, This video is ill I must say. (Damn I love the Wire!)

He's also got an instrumental concept album coming out named "Radio" droping 1/20.
Dude took all sounds from the most hated medium right now....the radio, and made an entire album. Hard to explain, but go check em out

City of God's Son

So I checked out the trailer for City of God's Son and was somewhat intrigued.
A hip hop Opera using lyrics from my Nas, Jay-z, Biggie, Ghostface and others,
Im not from upstate NY, but I'm usually down for anything Nas is involved with.
Check out the preview

Go Here for the audio download

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two new projects, One Great show!

So Im working as music supervisor for a new show, LateNight Spotlight
It focuses on entertainment and drink specials in East Texas.
Along with that I'm hosting a segment called, LateNight Reviews, where we'll being reviewing Movies,Games, Concerts, Technology, etc. (really anything we think is new and interesting).
Our ratings go like this (Best to Worst):

Worth Every Penny
I'm Feelin It
eeehhhh :/
Not worth the dough
Shits Weak!

Our first review is for the XBOX game Left 4 Dead.
Enjoy and Comment!

Travis Barker and New Era design ill hat.

Check out this original New Era hat designed by Travis Barker.
All you muisc heads can tell its covered with MPC pads!
I'm rockin tha fro right now, but I might hafta cut it if I can get my hands on this bad boy!
Check out more hats from New Era

Santogold Remix with Three 6 Mafia twist

Aight here's a Santogold track I've come to favor,
Being the Southern Boy I am, I like tha Three 6 Mafia production on this remix.

Take a Listen

Is this Weezy Track ill? Yes N*gga Yes!! ft Pharrel

I'm not one to favor the Lil Wayne Vocoder flow of 08, but DAMN this beat is sick!
I played it last night at a gig here in Tyler to alot of confused faces, but what tha f*ck they know....this Shit jams!!

My bad

Ok once again I got lazy with loging on to blogspot.
It's like I seem to always post on my facebook, but forget to stop by here.

But today I'm gonna throw up alot of random stuff from lately, and a badge for my facebook, so you can add me, and just check the other ish out there.

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