Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quarters 2nd Batch Tracklisting & Breakdown

So the new batch of Quarters is up for download, and I figured I'd start putting some supplemental info on how each beat comes about. Lately I've really been working on simplfying my process when making beats. I spent years trying to create a certain type of beat instead of just riding with what feels good in the moment. This batch was made over the last few months and just about completely in the box. I didnt use any outside musicians or sources, just the good ole Reason and the PC.
All feedback and questions welcome!

1. MarchSnow-As the name kinda indicates, I made this one during that weird snowfall we got in mid-march. Empty, isolated, what it feels like when youre snowed in...or just inside making beats while it snows..

2. Warm-started as an individual idea, but once I noticed it worked well alongside the first track, I just said why not. As the snow melts you can feel the sun beam down to make way to new ideas and growth.

3. Growth-the final track to this nature inspired threesome. Also made at some point after march. The syncopated synths give the feel of viewing vegitation sprout from barren land in fast forward.

4. And Now...-Beats!haha! I hope folks hung in through the first 3 tracks. This one is just an elegant banger for a rapper or a sanger..

5. P-cut This one started with the dope parliment sample. I've been sampling in Reason for a while but this is the first beat I didnt synch in time or put on the grid. I just played it out, layed drums and let it be.

6. Drop it-A laid back banger, plain and simple. Gives way to another groove on the backend.

7. Classic- Beat came about organically at first. After having the "Something is Wrong" sample cut up for another beat, i noticed it could add some personality. Felt good so I ran with it.

8. Early Night-As I experiment with some edgier drums and production, I find myself making more stuff along these lines. One melodic line away from mayhem.