Monday, September 28, 2009

My thoughts: Mike Leach Bans Twitter

So it was a crazy weekend to be a Red Raider. We witnessed our team take its 2nd loss on national T.V, in a row! If that wasn't enough bad media, Sunday we find out that our OL and team captain Brandon Carter Violated teams rules and is suspended indefinitely.
The story reveals that Carter made some questionable posts on his twitter page following the game. It's not fully known if this is the sole reason for his suspension, but today news leaks that Mike Leach has Banned Twitter for the Texas Tech Football team

This is really an interesting twist in this social media problem, I just hate my team was the first college to have to deal with it. Honestly we lost both our games fair and square, and I don't understand why players would feel the need to let anyone outside the locker room in on their close emotional feelings. Being an avid twitter user myself, I understand its importance for branding and promotion, but these guys are TEXAS TECH football players. They don't need to build their own brands, they signed their scholarships to be part of the Athletic Department. I find it hard to believe that Carter didn't think some media cockroach would be scouring pages for any stories they could find. In fact, we've already seen the fallouts in the NFL and NBA.

We all know Carter enjoys the limelight, but I think the time to shine is on the field, not from your computer. Leave that to the nonathletic, undersized, undergrads and bloggers like me... Carter is a beast and much needed leader, but if Leach feels he crossed the line, I agree.
Now lets shut up and get ready for New Mexico and BIG 12 Play!!!

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