Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How was your wknd?

So Labor day is over and everybodys back to the grizzy. Due to a double up of weddings, I stayed in Tyler this wknd, but kicked things off with the back to school bash up at Where's Rufus Friday Night. I had to go out and support some local music, because honestly, around here it doesn't get the credit it deserves. I Dj at Where's Rufus quite a bit, and they embrace the diverse crowds here in Tyler more than any other venue. One of my high school classmates and rapper Fula performed with the band The Rad. The event was put on by Yodie Promotions. Here's some random pics from when the brewskis began to take hold...
fula wreckin..... + Anayo of Yodie Promotions

Picther...say Cheeese! + Cougar Alert

We were in the house doing some video work, stayed tuned for footage.
The Show turned out great, it was the first night Where's Rufus did 18 and up.
Here's hoping they keep that and the good music comming!

Like I said Sat and Sun. I Djed some weddings untill really late. Monday was a relax day for the most part. Overall a purty chill labor day, what about yours?

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