Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Thoughts: Coach Leach Suspension

Alright so sometime yesterday a huge story broke that Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach has been suspended for the Alamo Bowl. This decision was made by the university after hearing complaints of treatment of an injured player on Dec. 16th. From the second I heard about this it seemed fishy, so I hit up DoubleTNation and started doing my research. Turns out the injured player was Adam James, son of ESPN analyst Craig James, and the younger James was told to wait in a dark closet after sustaining a concussion a few days prior. Being an avid Texas Tech Football fan, it didn't surprise me that Leach did something unusual, but I was surprised maliciously isolate a player. This story is still developing, but I feel like the relationship with a major news outlet (James' daddy wit ESPN), forced Texas Tech to make a decision they might not have needed to make. I really don't see how any other players' "mistreatment" would have become a national story so fast. At this point I think Leach is being targeted by Craig James in a classic case of Daddy runs to the rescue. I woke up this morning to find many Tech faithful feel the same way, as a facebook group "I dislike Craig James" has already gained over 500 members.
My question to the James family is, would you rather your son be chillin in a dark room or practicing football after sustaining a serious head injury? That alone leads me to believe its a case of Ego on the part of the younger and older James men. I really don't understand why the James family is trying to destroy Leach's rep, but I bet its more than just about this concussion matter. Maybe Adam James thought he deserved more playing time, or maybe Craig James thought he could control the opinion of an entire University with his press pass. Either way, former Tech players have spoken out supporting Leach; none have said he treated them wrong. Even my boy Ryze has put down a song in support of Leach. But let's say that Leach has actually been an abusive coach to multiple players, and has held the program hostage for the last 8 years. If this was the case, I wouldn't be completely distraught. I think Ruffin is a capable coach, and has obviously helped Tech become more Defensive-minded over the last few years. Alot of us over at DoubleTNation have been calling it the Defensive revolution. Bottom Line: This whole thing isn't good for recruiting, but I'm confident the truth will come out and the James fam will never set foot in LBK again. Guns Up!!


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