Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar Quick Review

Rankings Best out of 5

Visuals: 5
Storyline: 2.5
Soundtrack: 3
Lasting Appeal: 4

Summary: Visually, this movie is amazing. I suggest catching it in the theatres while you have the chance. I can only Imagine how dope it is in IMAX. Nothing in Pandora seems forced, and it's purty easy to get engulfed in the Jungle/Amazon atmosphere of the movie. Its simillar to alot of American Indian movies plot-wise, (i.e Dances with Wolves) but without the drama to be effective. There's a nice cameo from JP of the stoner classic Grandmas Boy also. This is easliy the most effective 3-D flick I've seen on the big screen. My biggest complaint is probably in the music department. I guess a big technical budget can leave you having to use the score from Enemy at the Gates. (that little trumpet cue). That being said, if this is any indication of where action and sci-fi movies are going, hold on to your hats. Nice job James Cameron

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