Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cicero Mode 2.0 is here!!

Wudup peeps,
As 2009 comes to a close, its only right I present the newest installment of Cicero Mode.
Cicero Mode 2.0 is a batch of unreleased songs, freestyles, and remixes from the past year. As well as being a way to showcase some of the years collaborations, I think it's also some of my most honest music as an artist yet. 09 was a rough year for me. From dealing with the passing of my Father to really having to decide what my purpose is. Creating music has always been like therapy for me, and no year has that been more true than 2009. These songs are what I used to get up and find the strength to rededicate myself to my craft. As we roll into 2010, expect alot more material from your boy Cicero. For those of you that take a chance and download, hopefully it shows you a side of me you've never seen, or one you thought was gone forever.

Download Cicero Mode Free!!!

Thanks in advance


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