Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's that Sample: Ab-Soul

I'm more and more impressed with TDE rapper Ab-Soul day by day.  He reminds me of L.e.g.a.c.y from Justus League when Little Brother and 9th Wonder got the most attention in the mid 2000s (check out  Project Mayhem by Legs, classic!).  The 'black lipped bastard' is getting his due slowly behind Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, but I'm leaning towards him as the dopest from Black Hippy.  Today's sample is from his record Mixed Emotions from Control System.  It's a departure from his usual thought-provoking lyrics (see Book of Soul and Only 1) but when a Merv Griffin sample can be flipped into a drank induced smokers anthem, who cares just enjoy it.  Follow the link below to listen to both via WhoSampled.com.

Ab-Soul's Mixed Emotions sample of Merv Griffin's Merv's Theme | WhoSampled

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