Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Monday: Cicero Mode 1.5 coming in November!

So it's November 2 and I've decided to go ahead and leak a few songs off of Cicero Mode 1.5. For the folks that remember, it's been a year since I dropped "Cicero Mode".

Rewind time to oct 21 2008

I've had alot of good & bad things happen in my life since then, and 1.5 is documentation of what I've been going through. This project is simmilar to the last in that its AAALLLL over the place. It's got freestyles, mashups, Dj sets, remixes, and original music from yours truly. Cicero Mode 1.5 will serve as a mixtape to promote my upcoming E.P Public Speaker. The tape will also have some re-released songs from the original Cicero Mode and whatnot. I'll try and break down the tracks and share stories about them here. Make sure u download the first installment in the margin over here--->.

"Last Beatmaker Alive"

This is a remake to Nas' classic "Last Real Nigga Alive", using the same dope beat. It works just like the Nas version, but it's my story instead.

"Cicero FlyLo Freestyle"

I can only claim the flow, the beat is from one of my Fav producers right now Flying Lotus.

Ill be posting some originals in the comming weeks so stay tuned!!