Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music Monday B*tches!!!

Hey, so here's a couple nice Dallas, mixtapes you should check out.
You know I wouldnt co-sign if it was the same ol same....

Dallas rap group A.Dd+ released their new mixtape "Power of the Tongue" presented by 808 studios. I'd heard alot about it through the 808 head honchos Rosalinda and J. Rhodes Twitter accounts. For a free download, you can't go wrong with this one.
My fav track thus far is 'Time is Right'
Free Download: A.Dd+: Power of the Tounge

I know the Kixpo is over, but this mixtape is still nice. After checking out Kixpo 2008 tape, I was all amped up to hit the DFW for the event this year. Of course I ended up having 2 gigs...but PICNIC is back with more great music and artist from around Texas. Big ups to UZOY from Houston and my homie TYCITY for landing tracks on this. Free Download again people...

Download: Official Kixpo 2009 mixtape:

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