Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Makeover far from Overkill..

So I'll be honest, as a youngin (circa 83), I was never a huge fan of Star Trek. I mean I'd usually change the channel by the time I heard the opening speech. Well the days of watching a shaking screen and hearing Captain Kirk say, "Good God! We're hit!!" from his broke @ss computer chair are long gone. This new Star Trek takes space action flicks to another level. Although I wasn't a fan, I always respected Star Trek as an intelligent Sci-Fi adventure, that was more about brains than braun. I feared that during summer-blockbuster, prequel-happy time of year, the temptation to make an over the top action film would take control. I'm happy to say that's not the case. J. J Abrhams seemed to be able to balance the action and storyline for an enjoyable flick. But let's start with the action. The outer-space shots are simply amazing, I mean, this is what intergalactic battles are supposed to look like. There's no need for imagination here. Also the Enterprise itself gets a massive overhaul. From the long winding hallway shots, to the ill lighting effect throughout the film, you might think you've changed star dates(horrible attempt at Trekkie Humor).
I feel like the movie did a good job of making us understand why James T. Kirk, and Spock are interesting characters. Back in tha day it seemed to just be makeup and an awkward hand gesture to me. Now that I'm older, I can also respect some of the "space jargon" that dominates the dialouge. So if you think you can sleep through the conversations, be prepared to be lost in the plot. The music Score is nice I enjoyed the eye candy in this one as well, Zoe Saldana . I've always had a crush on this chick, and although she isn't as good as in one of my personal faves, Haven, but it'll do. I also like the cameo from my boy Tyler Perry.I mean, tha dudes loaded off his Madea flicks, yet still manages to get his way in a dorky Sci-Fi flick. To say he must be a Trekkie is prolly an understatement. All in all, I really enjoyed this film, A. cuz I didn't have huge expectations, and B. it doesn't compromise for the summer movie rush. I don't think I hafta convince Trekkies to go check this out, but speaking to the general movie going public, I think it's a safe bet for a good time.

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dabrah said...

What a nice review. I used to really like Star Trek once upon a time, and now you've convinced me I might like it again.