Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming out of Exile

Aight this post is about a producer I been jammin lately by the name of EXILE. Guys got great beats,arguably a classic album in Below the Heavens with BLU,
but is still about live performance.
Dude is nice on the MPC, check out this live version of Lil Wayne's A Mili...

Exile "Milli" Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

Here's a beat he did for Akon and my guilty pleasure artist of late, Kardinal Offical, This video is ill I must say. (Damn I love the Wire!)

He's also got an instrumental concept album coming out named "Radio" droping 1/20.
Dude took all sounds from the most hated medium right now....the radio, and made an entire album. Hard to explain, but go check em out

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